"We are the Division 666"

Time after time
Days has turn to night
Time after time
Weaks has died..

Reaping the lands of christ
Chaos is near by me
Destroying the world of mortals
We will triumph, you’ll see

March! My darkest legions
The final judgment we’ll bring
Kill! My darkest legions
The sound of angel’s cry i hear.

Hell Division 666
Churches burning to ashes
Hell Division 666
Fate to god falling down

The smell of fryed lambs
Executioner i am
Gates of crematory is open
Smell of burning flesh in the air
Tons of iron smashing to the ground
Destroying the world of men

Hell Division 666
churches burning to ashes
Hell Division 666
Forget your prayes..
In the dawn of world end
In the dawn of new empire
We are the conquers
And you will burn in hell.

We are the DIVISION 666