Laid to rest...
I suffer for my, own words
This damnation, confuse the immortal herd
I drown in my sorrows, for the path I
Choose to walk
Damned by the living, to the hill
I now return...

The seeds of sadeness
I worship so blind
My soul wanders
Confused it won’t find...

.... The light of day
I search endlessly
Forever my soul slumbers
The secret of my destiny

I mourn my own life
Which I’ve lived a thousand times
Eternally, I leave
My soul not to breed

The light of day
Not for me to find
Forever my soul slumbers
While I wander blind

[Lead: Dennis]

[Lead: Staffan]

The seeds of sadness
I worship so blind
I leave my soul to sleep

The light of day I have now found
Forever my soul slumbers
While I wander through the burial ground

My final question, before I pass away
Why am I forsaken, by the god my soul obeys
I lie in the ground rotting, on the hill I lie asleep

In the grip of sorrow, for myself I start to weep...