From The Epoch Faraway (Song Of Hermit)

As the night falls and the stars come closer
the real and unknown are mixing together
the memories start to turn strange direction –
the truth from the past and distant period.
This is the time to see to understand
but only for those who can open their mind.
There lays the knowing, the source of existence
written in subconscience there to be found.

The hermit inside depth of my soul awaken by those sad memories.
Through him I can see those things that past long time before I was born here.
Remembrances of the places and of the times from another space –
places of my pre-human being located in another sphere.

There I feel the borders of time dissolving away and so is space.
Through the sea of astral substance towards the visions from the epoch faraway. the state...of see what...the hermit sees...

Land beyond understanding nad imagination spaces beyond spaces and persistance of time, again.
All the splendid beauty, the abyssic forests lit by all the suns, all the stars and moons, to see.
Once more I can see them with my inner eyes the hermit inside me still hidden but alive, waiting.
To him I sing this chant to awake his power to flee out of this world to that reality, beyond reality.

...awake me...

Still waiting for the Great moment, still waiting for the time to come.
Then to return to my ture being to the kingdom of my olden skies.
To reign there with the other gods – they are the true brothers of mine,
I see the times approaching – the inner self brightly shines.