In embrace of war (a vision of war)

I see the worlds falling to emptiness
Set on fire through all of it´s lands.
Dying people calling their gods
Misery and pain enthroned to reign.

....the final battle....
The time of utter judgment
To survive the race and grow the strongest
Or forever to vanish in vain.
....the time will come....

Bringer of chaos creating the order
Most furious battle of human times
Purification that brings new hope
The only way for human kind.

....give us strenght survive
....our pride and our glory take us through

Living by knowledge of our fathers
Spirit of nature the heritage sure
Origin of their pagan thoughts
What other way could be more pure?

Oh gods i beseech you
I summon thy wisdom praising you
Reveal me the way of your will
For i know my vision is true.

I see the threat for all the living
There´s only way to go through the struggle
Glorious be the ones who shall win
Our destiny must not be other.

....the vision of kralizec so strong real ominous
....war!.... survive....