Through The Gates Of Glory

Smell the air standing alone in the night the breeze reveals the comming change.
Soon to become a great tempest of our time, a power that brings end.
The end of this world as we know it up to now, defiled by human shame.
For the New age is appearing just in sight, for our triumph the struggle we must fight.

Thirst bloodshed set upon human race shall sweep off the burden of the Earth.
New hope comes from the surviving ones, enlighted under the stars of New world.

That shall be world of the enlighted Ones I would be eager to live there.

But if I die in the monumental fight, my soul will be free.
I´ll be clad in light and I will pass through the gates of glory.
Valhall, Valhall, Valhall I shall see....
Glory, glory, in glory I shall be....

To behold the Halls and the eternal fire along with my brothers to share them.
As one of the gods to stare the eternity, the purpose finally to see.

This vision is the bid I´ll obey when my inner duty calls me.
Not afraid whether I´ll survive or not, the changes are sure to be met.

....Gods have turn their eyes upon me....

Sun dances in the face of new Earth, her look is clean as nature strenghtened.
The end was the beginning of the new dawn, new era is rising to prevail in fame.

There´s a key just waiting to be found, to reveal the splendour in whole.
Thus uncover the secret knowledge, or it is destroyed once more.

....the utter ....wisdom be ....known.