All i want to do is write a song
One i haven’t sung before
I don’t want to sing the same old thing
It wouldn’t mean anything to me
All i want to do is write a song
But everything i say just comes out wrong
I guess i’ll just put my thoughts away
Maybe pick them up another day

I just lost control
I just wanted you to know
When i’m on my own
I feel invisible
And i just lost control
I just needed you to know
When in front of you
I feel invinceable

I want to write a song that makes you smile
And one that keeps you around for a while
I wish for small things not losing this feeling
I’ll seen this coming i’ve seen you leaving

I know it’s sad to touch
It’ll make you feel a little in sync
I’ve got a lot to learn
Every bridge i sing i seem to burn
All i got to do is sing a song
And tell a little truth to everyone
Sick of saying sorry when i’m not
But it’s all i’ve, it’s all i’ve got