You always wish upon stars
I don’t know waht you long for
Because everything that I need is here by my side
We naed some stars out of reach
Listend to the wind sung
We are little kids but
We know whats is worth for us
Someday you’ll find that what you’ve been longing for
Here in this small town you don’t like
Someday I say the words I’ve never said to anyone else
You make me smile, make me cry
Make me feel that I can fly
Sure you belong to me like I belong to you
I said
"I’m on your side even wahen you are wrong"
I wanna be your hero to save you
From everything taht hurt you
One day on the way home
You took my hand and kissed me
It’s so sudden that I failed to close my eyes
Time has come, I shouted
But you told me you would go away
I couldn’t say anything that I’d been ready to say
The day haw come and gone a sudden
I thought those were the best days with you
But you were triyng to find another place in this world
I shout have known
You gave me a kiss, gave me love
Gave me my first goodbye
If I could give you what you really want
Has something changed ? it’s too late ?
My first kiss told me good bye for the first time
I’ll miss you
Don’t go my girl
We are waiting for your bus
I’ve neverthought such a day came
The bus comes slowly to take you someday I can’t see
You’re gonna find someone who needs you like I do
He would say the words to you I could not say
Tears in you eyes fall quietly
We both can’t say ths words wa have to say
The dream I thought wa shared has gone
But I stand on your side anytime
Even when you are wrong
I send my kiss, send my love
Sen my goodbye to you
You are the one I’ve ever wanted
This is my love