I’m dreaming backwards to a fallen time
Just one voice scraping through a dying sky
This rushing view the broken demise a ritual i know
Deep inside voice of granite the head of stone
A soul searcher roaming alone stitching closing mouth
A hardened soul let your eyes become the head of stone
I’m cracking backwards angels fallen sign
A whisper voice screaming to a dying sky
This rushing life quickens time inside and bats you over
Staring into the line although my throat is burning
It must collapse from fear inside and all
The edges i polished from your view to change a mind
I swear i tried i am the head of stone
Isn’t iction what we make it as we struggle not to drown
Overloaded empty space the silence fills the head with sound
Imagine holding halos buried deep into the dirty ground
Changing time evolves
Opinion human lesson nature bound change.