I had a taste of fate the other day and I didn’t know how to act didn’t know what to say because I had just enough to know who I still am.
But too much to where I couldn’t stand and walk over to question you to question you about...

Why do we go through the things we do in life?
And why is it we need it to have a good time?
Because what we’re talking about is not serious it’s just something that has become apart of us.

And I’ll take it kind of slow
Because if not I won’t know where to go
And they’ll think they’re having a good time but they won’t know wrong from right.
She had too much to remember us.

You can try and hide it because they’ll be gone when you’ve left
And you can try and hide it but it will still be on your breath.

Why has it come to this?
Do you even want this?

(And these girls are first come first serve so get in line and wait your turn)