She lives by the virtue of daytime TV
Alone in the suburbs
And he fills up a bottle and drinks from the scene
He will always be thirsty
And they shiny examples of human decay
Here let me show you
That I woke up this morning still morning a dream
I’ve been to the future x 4

I hear
somewhere the cricus is said to be near
Another distraction
And I fear will you be next to me this time next year
Will you be over
But wait, just as you leap from the nest for the wind
But I never told you
When you, woke up this morning you spoke of a dream
I’ve been to the future x 4

Repeat after me
She’s all i have
Is this what it means to be free
Repeat after me
She is all I have
Tell my why
She’s all i have
Please tell me why
She’s all i ever had

Today, All the illusions are fading away
I’ve drawn my conclusion

Been the future x 6