Best idea we have had
But in retrospect i guess
It is better than all the rest

So stop by
To pick me up at 11
And do not forget
To sound the car horn twice

I will not
Waist time i will get right in
We will say hi
Then we will just drive
West then we will just drive west

I can not believe that i believed there was something there,
I am so stupid i need to stop feeling and falling so hard and waiting,
And wanting so bad it is not the person i want to be,
But it is the person i am and i do not like it, i want just,
Once, for the things that i want to work out, i am not asking for love,
I am asking for truth i am asking for a time in my life where
Everything that seems to be or seems like it will be is going to be,
I am just asking for a chance

Maybe one day she’ll realize what i meant by all of this, maybe not. it doesn’t matter anymore.