Im Starting off my day with a blunt of earth
lookin myself up, see how much im worth
im riding down the block in a silver porshe
that bitch already know that imma flirt
im back off in the stu working on some new
you get 8 bars for 10, 12 of that times 2
50 for a show, 20 for a verse
as soon as im done im counting like a nerd
my baby need some new and she get it first
imma be sober real soon so i need some earth
i hop up out that rari with a louie bag
And if a nigga try an front i do his ass
i count a million dollars in my mansion,
hoes everywhere i got bitches dancing
choppas in the closet, pounds in the den
we got them 30’s on us, meet they minnie men
couple M16’s this aint no force
all my niggas standing tall on my front portch
i got 3 cars up in my garage
all my niggas in your grass bitch camoflauge
sosa back bitch yeah im back bitch
did you miss me or yeen care bitch?
its that O shit that O64 shit, Front street GBE 3 double O shit
My shit list , Im on the forbes list
since im a rich nigga i need a rich bitch
i got a dumb wrist , it do dumb shit
im on that dumb shit , like way u from shit

BANG !!!