Don’t want war
Pussy boy don’t want war(?)

Nigga fuck yo momma, she should’ve wore a condom
Pull up in that ’Rarri, burning off this rubber, 3x
Pussy boy don’t want war, don’t want war 4x
Pull up on you
Boy don’t want it
Pussy boy (4x)

Nigga fuck yo mommma, she should’ve wore a condom
Pull up in that Rarri, burning off this rubber
Niggas undercover so you know I can’t trust them
I be smokin’ earth boy, you be smokin bubbas
The bitch like Benihanas, took that bitch to McDonalds
I got plenty condoms and I got plenty commas
If you want some beef boy, imma be your farmer
I might be your father
Ball like Penny Hardaway
Judge tryna lock me up, cause my pee look darker
But that ain’t gonna solve nothing, weed solve my problem
Guns for my armor, [?]
Nigga fuck the culture, I get cut like barber, got niggas forest gumping
Smoking on this Compton, but bitch I’m in Chi-Raq
Where you disrespect me at, bitch that’s where you die at
All these fucking lab rats, now I got my mouse trap
Niggas wanna fake kick it, wanna know where my house at
That life I ain’t ’bout that, I’m ’bout pushing scalps back
Pull up on yo block bitch, Let my Niggas Out That
Foreign car, Clout That
I’m high off this tooka pack, I’m high off this Aiki pack
I’m high off this Tu-Tu pack, Smoking on that Jay Loud
Smoking on that FatHead
Run up on 46, leave a nigga flat dead
Shoot a 47, flying off like batman
Boy I got a bad bitch, put a bag on that head
I’m high off this Chief Keef, got me feeling superman
That bitch called called chief keef G. Bitch I ain’t no MuBu man
All these damn friendemies, I’mma call up PooPoo man
I got niggas in these street they fuck around an do yah man
I’m rich hallelujah man, still got my toolie man
Fuck with me I’ll fuck around an screw yeah man
Flexing like a ruler shoot at your medulla man
And get your bitch, she wanna suck my dick, I knew it man


Come down your block like thunder, thunder, thunder
I just bought ten guns and ten pounds and ten [?]
Come through ducking shit, get ready to [?]
But you like to Twitter beef, pussy how you warring?
Pussy how you warring? (x4)
How you warring?