Think I’m Wayne
You say you wanna fight nigga swing
You say you wanna blows pipes nigga bang
I’m ridin in that Fighting Liu Kang
That’s why I can fuck your wife and you can’t
Young Batman Bruce Wayne
Don’t make me torch it nigga blue flames
In that big body ridin two lanes
& I’m grindin hard like I’m fucking Wayne nigga
Like I’m Wayne nigga

[Verse 1:]
This Back From The Dead 2 this ain’t Tha Carter 3
You owe me money I want a apology
I want your fingers so you cannot count to 3
We pullin up in trilogies we poppin 3
I’m never studying a nigga no astrology
Walk up in the mall like I just hit the lottery
& I’m still rollin dice no monopoly
I can’t be controlled this ain’t no colosseum
Don’t fuck with boys this ain’t no everybody-ology
I only speak money they only talk shit
[?] examine money [?]
But when we bring these guns up acknowledge these


[Verse 2:]
Bitch I got them birds man
Automatic 30, pull up in a clean car, do ’em dirty
Yeah, Sosa Wayne, I got Young Money and Mack Maine
Pull in that Cash Money thang
Big Tymers blang blang blang blang (Bling bling)
I be ballin like I’m Stunna
Nigga you be baldin like you Stunna bald head nigga
I’m a shotter with some dreads nigga
Send bullets like brrrrr Sosa Birdman nigga