et me see you fucking bounce with it
KAy, ay, ay
Ay (we flexin')
Ay (we flexin')
Ay (we flexin')
Here we go

[Verse 1:]
Nigga I'm tight like BVD
Nigga I'm sight like CDC
All my shit be classic, yours gets skipped like DVDs
This beat be droppin' acid, do we have to tell 'em so?
Keysha got me percocets I'm chillin' and it's hella dope
Tell 'em ho, I ain't Tebow, I don't pray for change
All I do is do it, I'm Nike, I'm drinking Gatorade
I got my hoodie so I gotta be a gangster
Why Geraldo Rivera look like a child molester?
Heh, we the I'll pandemic
Sick boy, nigga, yeah we royalty forever
All my G-O-O-Ns are well-spoken
One white guy, he's a classic token
Asses open, droppin' shit
Flashback, that's a hashtag
Man fuck down like a mersey
Smell these niggas like an armpit
I be in like David on my avid baby making hits
They be making white girls like 'Ye did Taylor Swift
Ain't that some shit, really though, Sealy Posturepedic ho
When she in my bed but haven't even seen a video?
Now shoot that, who's that?
Roll up on niggas like fruit snacks
You better walk big Gambino but you ain't got money
Motherfucker that's too bad
That's like - countin' fat stacks out in Harlem
That's like - fucking Kat Stacks with no condom
Stupid, everybody out here needs to cool it
Rap stepfather, no more hanging in the pool shit
Niggas that I'm cool with, they don't need to show me
That Gambino girls are royalty now nigga that's an army!
We like

We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!
Woo, woo! We flexin', we flexin' (Baby run it back!)

[Verse 2:]
Shrink monsters, where the fuck is gorgon?
Maria I want to be puttin' that thing on your daughter
Gambino brings the sushi, they doin' John Belushi
So stupid but they cutie so sue me if I get booty
That's Louis, Gucci or Prada, Bugatti bitches who holla
Wanna take Foxy out but I gotta be gettin' Donnas, like
"I'm an artist man." No y'all ain't!
Man fuck Photoshop, I'm in MS Paint!
Making circles with that circle thing, Gambino boy you murder it
Now I got this afro those cornrows were fuckin' hurting me
When you taking these girls up to Malibu
When the hot girl coming to a bug-a-boo?
I like my face when I'm under you
Screen Actors Guild with a "W, " swag

We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!
We flexin', we flexin'
We flexin', baby run it back!