[Intro - continues in background]
Mr. Gambino, Mr. Mr. Gambino [12X]

Uh, they call me the rocker
Uh, yeah, uh-huh, uh
Uhh, they call me the rocker
I get down like 2Pac and Big Poppa
Some say he too birds, you can't stop him
Niggaz got too much beef like two Whoppers
Look at my clockers, it's about time
for a nigga to mature like a glass of fine wine
Ain't no nigga alive can outshine
I get sneaks, but don't pay like I'm crime
I run this bitch, cause I'm Will Smith
Cause I am legend and you just Hitch
But naw I'm Hitch, cause I get bitches
Well I got more than one so call me eight Hitches
We ain't got riches, just some nice kicks
So call me Bruce Lee who's dressed in nice shit
Haters think I'm lame and girls think I'm sick
But both of them groups is riding my dick

Yeah, they call me the rocker
Call me Mr. Gambino
Uh-huh, check this out! I'm fly like birds
And I spit real shit so my flow like turds
And my words absurd so I turn it all around
So my mouth is my ass and I shit when I'm loud
And I'm black and I'm proud, and I'm white and I'm rich
So fuck it, I'm a martian, I'm Lilo and Stitch
Niggaz say I sound like Weezy and shit
Well he the best in the game so what's wrong with that?
Are you trying to tell me that my rhymes is fat?
Call me Usain Bolt cause I run the track
Nigga I'm sick of that, stop comparin me to people
I know my voice funny like my name John Heder
And I'm out of this world and I'm hot like space heaters
And my girl top down so I call her two seater
My iPhone blast like TNT
I text back to homegirl, "What'chu know 'bout me?"
I'm in N.Y.C. or in A-T-L
And my wallet stay fat like Kenan plus Kel
Nigga what's that smell, cause my shit don't stink
Cause my shirt bright blue and my shoes hot pink
And I finish this drink that I call a Twin Tower
Two Bud Lights and a whiskey sour
Where I fall down, that shit is ground zero
Little kids sayin "There goes my hero!"
Hahahaha; they call me the rocker, nigga!

Uh, they call me the rocker
Yo, I'm out man