I'm cooler than an ice cube, yeah I'm rude
'Bout to get your head sliced, yeah I'm nice, and you 'bout to pay the price
Like The Price Is Right, but I'm not Bob Parker
Yes, I get down like I'm Charlie Parker
Meaning that I'm musically inclined, if you try to get with mine
I'm about to blow yo' head back
Get another bullet and I spray bullet (bullet)
And I spray back, pop, pop, click, click (drop, drop) down
Now they lookin for your body like all over the town
Niggaz, my name Gambini, I used to be clean
Now I'm dirty martini, cause this (Boy Met World) like (Feeny)
These niggaz make wishes like genie
Nigga you know how we do, latinos, black people, and gringos
This money stained my fingers like Cheetos
Blast it out your speakers like Quito
'Cause I can barely hold it all in like Speedos
These niggaz got a lot of nerve these niggaz got a lot of speaks
And all these skinny bitches busy shop at Anthropologie
Who you tryin to be? I'mma take my girls to BIM and treat 'em like a V.I.P.
Because I am a G, uhh (G, uhh)
I start the party like Chex Mix
Put it in your house like Netflix
Beat, nigga, it's what's for breakfast
Y'all niggaz got beef with this kid
Y'all niggaz' punks and stay punks like The Misfits
I'm way off in the distance, y'all done lost the race like McCain
But like McCain, you used to be cool but now you lame
It's hard to maintain ain't it? Because
I am so much better (than before)
My swag is so sick, you might catch it
I'm tired of fuckin 'round with little kids like I'm Brad Pitt
These little kids need to play in traffic
Cause all they was was make a nigga giggle like Mad Libs
I'm hot like an attic, in the summer
And girls scream "sick boy" like we know each other
But we don't know each other, you ain't my fucking brother
We need to separate like organic peanut butter
My lightsaber flashin, my kneecaps ashy
And girls of the world used to walk right past me
Now I hang with girls like my girl Kate Perry
I might have to (Mary) (Kate) like my name (Ashley)
These rappers don't know what they up against
They can't see a nigga like my names Snuffleupagus
If you don't like my shit, why the fuck you bumpin this?
I am so much better (than before)
You better get it clean cause this is the last straw
And break inside house and leave your gas on
Nigga, we NASA, cause we 'bout to blast off
Go in the bathroom we see you peein like I'm Shasta McNasty
Get it? UPN? Shasta McNasty?
Nigga, I'm a master, and I'm fuckin plastered
I don't need a fuckin beat for this, I can make my shit up
While I go, here's the part, that I'm about to show ya
I'm the best cause I gotta, (The Devil Wears Prada)
And he's got a boom boom like Welcome Back, Kotter
Leave your guy like my daughter, got cheese like frittata
Greed and filata got ya mama
Most rappers want the drama, but I don't want the drama
I just want a quiet night down at Benihana
I rap cause I gotta, dude's got nada
I make 'em all proud like my middle name Obama