You should come join us, nigga we so fly
Highlighter colors, brand new sneaks
Sick Bois stick together in a pinch like cheeks
We the new lost boys - I'm Peter Pan
cause I bring the bright green Tinkerbell in my hand
We can run (House Parties) - my name ain't Play
but youse a Kid, you should be on your way
Cut this like barkers, hoodies like Parkers
Haters on my dick, take a bite like sharkers
I'ma stay weirdo, I'm a straight hero
Haters want me stop makin numbers like zero
I'ma get flyer, numbers get higher
You would stop movin, like a black tire
I'm not (The Wire) but I'm like Michael
Custom birdie green, they on dookie like fire

We the Sick Boi clique [8X]
Sick Boi 'til I die [8X]

I'm sick like a hospital, whether you're in pain or not
I'm crazy like a swastika, inside of a bagel shop
I'm the Juggernaut, bitch! Unstoppable
Think of me as hurricanes cause rappers are incomparable
Most of y'all insufferable, soundin like a bored scratch
Rappers are like ants to me, I stab 'em in the thorax
Lyrically a metaphor, Atlanta's only troubador
Face it, only seen by a few like a unicorn
I'ma try to get my swagger right, like I'm Dolemite
Spread it all around to the kids like it's Vegemite
Get the proper etiquette, bitch you from Connecticut!
I'ma try to modify the subject like a predicate
I'm not the best rapper but I'm better than you
You with a big pickle like your name was Stu
I'm a Sick Boi, that's just how we do
Even your name's a game like you DJ Clue


Sick Boi 'til I die [16X]