[DJ Drama:]
She texted me today; she said she hate me
Sh-she's not the first
She probably won't be the last
Hehehe, I don't give a fuck (hahahah)

I came here to do my own shit
I came here to do my own shit
No, fucks, given (fucks, given)
No, fucks, given

What you know about me? No one else can do it like me, no one else can do it like me
I was checkin' I.D; she don't look 18 (no) she don't know 18, no
I was doin' my thing, you know I was tossin' that green; we ain't even on the same team
We ain't even hit her with the real shit, I'ma show these motherfuckers you ain't really seem real (WHOOP!)
Ahh, I'mma do it for the real niggas
When them boys ain't feelin' ya; real only see real nigga
Heard of Bino man that boy amazin' (amazin') you don't hear me cause a nigga blazin' (blazin')
Oh you don't want a problem
You don't want yo' man to solve 'em, naw


I'm killin' these niggas off a mixtape and most these niggas out been fake
Me and my niggas all homeless, we ain't hear shit that y'all told us
We was gettin' money, you ain't gettin' money, all we did was study, all we did was study
We don't give a fuck about status, girls and you know I got baddest
Just cut her off, she the saddest, wish a nigga would like Aladdin
No chill, dress code I'm like "Oh well"
She ain't seen my hotel, man them numbers don't bode well
War is hell; this ain't war but I'm beefin' nigga, my ether nigga - WHOO!!
I don't fuck with the fake shit, more green than a spaceship
We don't fuck with y'all, no way, y'all ain't got no taste
Rap is not bold face, now we in the mix
If you broke we can fix it, sayin' I ain't doin' things, look at this shit
Look at this shit, look at this shit