(Childish in the building!) Uh-huh
A-hehehe! Okay, here we go

Yes I'm back to bat again, yes these rappers sad again
The beat is hot and grabbin them and holy shit like Vatican
Boy so sick he need a doctor in his condom
Don't worry about that hearsay, just worry about what I know
Cause I know how to rhyme though, I got these girlies wailin
Country's in my backyard, I'm Mr. Sarah Palin
Girls call me cutie pie but I don't really know them
Call me Mr. Facebook, because I superpoke them
Leave that pussy open, but only if you want it girl
We can play SF4, grab a controller girl
Callin me the prostitute, not cause I got a baby
They callin me the prostitute cause "Fuck you - pay me!"

Uh-huh; aiyyo
Y'all niggaz need to stop, stop, stop, stop
Uh-huh; okay, listen up - y'all heard this shit before
Y'all niggaz need to stop, stop, stop, stop
This the part of the song where uhh
somebody's supposed to come in, and talk and shit
But I don't talk
I just do baby

My turtleneck tucked in
I'm spittin shit like I'm Teddy Ruxpin with batteries in
I don't really eat words but I do eat carpet
A nigga stay down like I'm made of stock markets
I love to sport green like my last name Flanigan
I'm breakin up with girls over twitter like Aniston
cause ain't nobody know me but my momma and my daddy
My flow stay hot like I keep it in the attic
Put my cash in the freezer, cold Presidents
So I call them Frost Nixons, or Eskimo Clintons
Fuck with my pension, you 'bout to get yo' head lost
You gotta pay me double back and that's your overhead cost
Cause I'm the boss, and yes I stay sauced
And that creek in the cave, oh behave - bitch!

Uh-huh, let's do this
Keep it bouncin y'all; I gotta get outta here
Yo, y'know, it's C.G