I do not talk, I AM JUST A RAPPER

Gambino keep it jumpin, these nigga don't know nothin
I keep a girl shaky like her pussy lips is krumpin
It's that dude that don't say shit, leave the ad-libs at the door
because I am just a (wrapper) like the condoms on my floor
Nigga look at me - man, yeah I'm all geeked out
Got the tortoise shell frames, Tom Ford pea coat
I'm a lot more dope, I'm a lot more fly
And my wallet stay fat, but I starve my tie
Yeah, these girls loose change, gotta spend those dimes
Haven't seen real niggas in a long-ass time
Nigga I'm so stange, so weird, unusual
Sippin on that whiskey, it's a brain cell funeral
I'll tell you why I'm different, I do this like a nun
Cause I don't give a fuck, I do this shit for fun
A nigga (All That) like I'm hanging out with (Kel)
Yes I hit her G-spot, so I ring her Taco Bell
I got a lot of swagger, lets me get away with all of it
like I ate a turd, real shit is all a nigga spit
I don't play around with these women I might fuck a bitch
The game's a corporation and yo' nigga's Erin Brockovich
I'm murdering this beat, as if nobody was watchin me
Rappin over Grizzly Bear and now these hipsters sponsor me
My mouth is this good, just imagine what my dick can do
Force Feed Radio, bitch that's what you listenin to!

My girl wears Pampers, I fuck the shit out of her
'Bout to blow up, yeah my swag is the Challenger
These (Scrubs) are reclusive, (J.D.), Salinger
March on these niggaz like they fuckin with the calendar
If I wasn't this good, how the fuck did I get this far?
Gambino stay fly - so (Up) I'm Pixar
Hold up dude, I think you made a mistake
Don't forget to mention me with Wale, Cudi and Drake