Jump so high

[Verse 1 - Lion Babe:]
Tie me down, try to hold me up
But the wall ain't high enough
They play so hard
In a game so rough
But I still can't
Give it up

I'm out here on my own
Work but I got to get some
Run right into the sun
Ohhh (jump so high)
(so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right (so high, high, high)
I jump so high (so high)
I jump so high (so high)
I got it right

[Verse 2 - Lion Babe:]
Find your light
In the darkest sky
And the stars burn
Inside our eyes
Cutting through the haze
To our glory days
We won't give up
Never too late


[Verse 3 - Childish Gambino:]
Yeah, we finally made it, you know they hate it, I swear to God
Knowing where you are made you into a star
Made you into the man, no one else like this
Before the house was a house, it was on my wrist
It's the island life, yeah mahalo bitch
Went from ashy to classy, I'm aloe rich
I stay Aloe Blacc, man, Bino back
Man he never left, I smoke loud, I'm deaf
Your smoke plead the fifth, I know the glory
They hate on your shine because they know the story
Thrown to the wolves but your drive so Mowgli
I could drive through the hood and them, boys, they know me
Is he one of the greatest? Time will tell
But time is relative, they assume the melanin
And they kill the culture, this might insult ya
White man can't jump, and I (jump so high)