I'm Childish Gambino
INES and FOXY Show
She-Ra, you suck bad!
Ay, here we go
As the world's turnin, feel like I'm a worse person
My tongue's hurtin, from all of this work cursin
And I'm not certain, I think my father's LeVar Burton
'til I'm walkin in circles and I'm talkin in 3rd person
In the 8th grade I got high on paper mache
I put it in my desk and I let it ferment a day
Because ain't nuttin changed, I'm still known as a rude student
that'll walk inside your class and make fun of your school shootin
I can prove it! I'm too cool as a matter of fact
I been writin these verses while I'm having a heart attack
I'm in your bedroom, crankin on out and staring back
Stereo blarin, Gwen Steffani can holla black
I'm not black, I'm a white boy with dark skin
at a Klan rally wonderin why they won't let me in
She-Ra, I'm coming straight for ya
I hope you know that I'm on ya
D to the O's got a flow like, menstrual cycles
Change my face every year like Michael...
Jackson, cause I'm packin heat
I got the fuckin beat and a fuckin lead
Drippin on you motherfuckers all the time
I bust guts like I bust a rhyme
I bust nuts like I'm Busta Rhymes
And I ain't even gotta do it, I ain't have the time
On (Community) - what you do to me?
Fly girls wanna get inside my booty
... or is it the other way around?
Cause I'm skatin on a skateboard, drivin downtown
In Peachtree, Atlanta Stone Mountain 'til I die
E-40 got nothin on this
horny motherfucker from the Stone Mountain Georgia
Got somethin for ya, yeah that freestyle was torture
I'm done

(YAYYYY! You forgot the INES and Foxy Show)
I didn't! I said INES and Foxy (yeah)
at the beginning, didn't I?
(With open, with open pants)
With open pants! I freestyled (I told you!)
with my underwear out, it did feel freer
(Yeah, of course) I gotta be honest
Okay, that felt better