Street niggas, hood rats, ladies and gentlemen
Childish Gambino greater than sign everyone
Apples to oranges, Jay Leno to Letterman
Got a cool whip and my girl ass gelatin
Fake niggas back in style naw never that
If I’m wrong, see you in hell with hella cash
God dammit we the boys with the illest rain
Royalty forever and the rest is just a silly game
Still wonderin’ how to work your girlfriend’s clitoral
Still makin’ money off of 30 Rock residuals
Money changes everything, these girls are always down to ride
Especially if you keep they noses gentrified
Money off of curse words, I hope my momma proud of me
Man I done it all, so I guess we both prodigies
From PJs to PJs, that’s projects to privates
Now you understand my fuckin’ mindset, let ‘em know