I know it's your first
I will try to be gentle
My love...

Worst rapper to ever spit on an open mic
Worst rapper to ever get on so many likes
Worst rapper to ever blow up and over night
And when my D swell my D-12 friends, but Obie Trice
Young, black and gifted but he still in America
Heard the flow was getting better, is he sleeping with Erykah?
They passing me they demos, these rappers, I think it's funny
Cause they tryna get my demo, young white kids with money
I promise, worst rapper, iTunes most played
It's just me and both Macs, self made, self paid
Headlines saying he leaving to be a rapper
But niggas saying, "This dummy; he's eating off of his acting, I mean
Who the fuck wanna be a rapper, it's stupid," I mean
Who knew that every rapper with a new crew
Wanna do shit on Hulu, that's the blueprint
You drive until the lease up
I drive until it's dirty, please somebody call the Brinks truck
Yeah they know me (HAPPY FACE EMOJI)
That OG, I might OD so Avengers keep it lowkey
Well I'm sitting on top of the world
There's only one second secure
But I can't get it back
My life is a sham no time to react; breathe
Find solace in the fact my ball bigger
(Pause) like dog fingers
Give a fuck 'bout y'all niggas
Get the point like ball kickers
I do shit, eat good, need a toothpick
Your girl play my music so that's thumbs down to your new shit

Buddha stance in a forest on the ayahuasca
I'm as high as copters, binoculars, looking down on my confidence
Truly honest man, I wish there was more of us freaking out
I wet the bed the first night on my tour bus
God damn, what're you doing man?
I can't name a lot of rappers that you better than
He hates women and himself, I won't give him the chance
Tear myself down first to make 'em pay in advance
Heard a lot of y'all talking behind his back when he walking out
Me and Fam in the corner, what are they talking 'bout?
The same dudes who laughing after you go
Be the same dudes emailing asking you 'bout your show
It's on FX? Tight nigga
Me and my homies making flicks
Me and my homies making beats
Me and my homies making hits
Me and my homies hit the spot, roll with us, gold diggers
I don't really like those niggas, Childish like goldfishes
We saw this kid get shot up by the cops in Atlanta
They shot through his Phantom and tandem cannons were blamming him
He was standing there like 20 seconds before
Now he gasping for air, bullet holes inside of his dome
What's the point? I don't know
Why am I here? Why am I alive? Why do you care?
Living real everyday, what was your undoing?
Khalifa's first name now there's urine on him.
Damn 'Bino why you gotta do it to em?
I'm Terio, I'm Terio, my cousin Oooohhh-ing (Oooohhh-ing)
New shit, new shit alert, never fake
There's levels to the shit like a wedding cake

My new girls so pretty that the world shine
My new girls getting kissed by the coast line
My new girl so pretty we can bovine
Worst rapper ever, how I'm giving out a cosign?
Chance The Rapper, yeah that nigga crazy
Big brother, little brother lifestyle wavy

Cool, uhhh...
(Always thinking)