Have you been dreaming of the wilderness?
Have you been wondering how far it is?
We will go, just to show, that we’re the mightiest
On the globe, as it grows, into oblivion

Have you been thinking bout the ocean too?
There’s heartless heads letting the oil through
Till the blue, isn’t blue, will you take a stand?
Tell the man, with a plan, to wash away the truth
Wooaaah, wash away

Are you unconscious in your troubled mind?
Don’t forget mountains were made to climb
To the sky, that’s where you’ll find, crystal Clementine
Looking down, with a sigh, as she begins to cry
Let it rain upon the trees, their roots still in the ground
Let the water trickle down, into the thirsty river mouth
The sun will shine on through, every shadow of a doubt
Save us from this endless drought