When the fighters are all around
All the lovers are underground
No one will save you anymore
So what's happening, what you rapping about,
Is it boys? Is it cars? Is it girls? Is it money?
The world?

Or is it something they can never believe?
Or is it something you can never achieve?
Is it
Beyond your means?
Is it
Inside your dreams?
Can it
Never come out cause it's scared to
Unprepared to
Too worried about the words of the people it's weird to
You don't want them to hear you
You just wish there was a door that would appear that you can go disappear through
Well I'm feeling your pain
I was feeling the same
But I said I'd never feel that again

I really miss my pops
Hope that God watches over him and that he's on top
That there is no more disease and that he's alright
That he's one of the generals inside the army of the light
And grandma, you know I had to bite something from you
So after every show it's "peace, and much love to you"
Auntie Tweetie's on the way, please look out for that girl
I know we'll meet again, so it's never me against the world

I hope that God forgive us, all of us sinners
Turn us back into beginners, put us up where the winners go
Holy apartments in the gardens in which the rivers flow
Thank you for all your blessings and all of your miracles
I thank all my fans and all my supporters
Shout out to Bishop G, congrats on your new baby daughter
I tip my hat to all my family and friends
Now we just got one more to go
L - U - P - END

Congratulations ladies, this next one's for you