Lu, coupe, no, more doors
Porsche or, no, more doors, sedan
Hmmm, 4-more, no, more doors, more doors than that
Lord of the Rings, that Frodo went to war for, you'll see more war than
World War 4 or Lord of War when Nicolas lost his 'brothor'
Brougham, no, man, too slow for my program
Need Punk rock, not slow jams, mosh pits not hold hands
Or slow dance, or romance, I'll take this bitch like Lo Pan
Put her right into Do's hands, tell her how this gon' go, man

[Hook: Dosage & Lupe Fiasco]
Animals, animals, we are more like cannibals
Follow rules, what rules? We don't ever answer to
No King Tuts, no presidents, this is more like a ritual
What am I scared of death for? Life is just an interlude

[Verse 2: Dosage]
Let's begin this interview, I know they got a lot of questions
I don't have on a unitard, but I can answer the detective
None of these dicks can trace me, I don't go that direction
This is the beginning of a massacre, I'm tired of getting treated like a step-kid

[Lupe Fiasco:]
This where I step in, cause this Dosage from Philly and he so sick
He's my friend, so he's your friend, it's who Lupe Fiasco's with

They wanna know if I'm insane, I just don't accept defeat
But since I'm nominated this is gonna be my acceptance speech
Your big bro requestin' me 'cause I'm a friend of the people and I'm next to be
In the game, I don't hear the referees whistling technically
Dixie, let me sing!

I forever see
Don't go back or forever be a slave to the nation
Touché, Lupe, this is history in the making

[Verse 3: Lupe Fiasco]
We so in Smithsonians when the story ends
We was there when the story started, making history before we's artists
You know we's targets: Tar-get, it's always star shit
Or shall I say hot-wired, ride around reckless and double-park it
Look how many fines that the car get
Take the boots off it, throw the tickets in the garbage
Then go to court just to get up on some smart shit
Tell the motherfucking judge it's all ours, bitch