Haile Selassie
High as the eye of an osprey
I'm driving
Poseidon you tried to stop me, from diving
Lookin' for my
Lookin' for my
Lookin' for my
As I float
Brand new shell for my goals
Tattoos all on my coast

Throughout history
It has been the inaction of those who could have acted
The indifference of those who should have known better
The silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most
This, has made it possible for evil to triumph

Man's limitation, transfiguration
I can dance done at the welcome to the demo
Modern man comes to the weddin' in the limo
Mixin' doves with the rice rain
Uncle Ben's off the rails on the night train
And that storm took us to the platform, pushas
Back to the bachelor's backdoor, unhook us
Hope this track take you back to where the fat girl pushed us
And that's very old like Blackberry Bold but the Juice
Sweeter than where the party at, or
Releasing these niggas from the roofs, and
Leavin' these niggas on the loose, or
Keepin' these niggas in the coupes, and
Leavin' these niggas on the noose,
Free!... Shamu fan, got a world to see!

Then until the philosophy which holds one race superior
And another inferior
Is finally and permanently discredited and abandoned
That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
That until the color of the man's skin
Is no more significant than the color of his eyes

To the limit
The limit in the Methadone clinic
Ridin' with the pack like a Pelitan
Flyin' with the sack in the trap like the pregnant
As it breaks in the backs from the cracks that we step upon
If I triple my worth, will it cripple my mom?
If I simple my search, will it mental my calm?
Will it hurt if I give you my palm?
To tell in it and don't put a nail in it
How you gonna see the world if you wailin'
And readin' my palms like there's braille in it
Is it the trail or the forest?
Or the forest with the trail in it?
That's a sail with a 12 in it
Water coming through from impalin' it
Nothin' left of the boat but my holes
Still I fill up the world and I float, like

A qualified man with vision
Unmoved by daily selfish interests
Led to right decisions by his conscience
In general, a man who knows from whence he comes
And where he's going
Will cooperate with his fellow human beings
He will not be satisfied with merely doing his ordinary duties
But will inspire others by his good example
You are being watched by the nation
And you should realize
That you, will satisfy it if you do good
But on the contrary, you do evil, it will lose it's hope and confidence in you

H-h-h-hydrant open wide
On the side of the colonized
Swimmin' in the street, fell asleep on my mama thighs
Blockin' out the noise that destroys lil' boys
Live enjoy, ships ahoy, get deployed by the rock-a-byes
D-d-d-deep into the sea of my dreams
Lyin' fall asleep at the feet of my queen
Hawk comin' right to the beat of your wings
Song for the Ethiopian King