On another track don't want none of dat that,
With no water and no slaughter
No breaks I just continue on, but no takes,
I keep going, keep flowing, no stopping dat
You see everybody watching dat,
You see I got the lock so I'll be lockin dat, you can't get the keys
Especially from me, I keep em so tight in my the pocket,
You'd better watch it, as a matter of fact you'd better stop it,
I'm too hot, better hop scotch it and go up down the block, or you might catch a shot, one two - plah, plah

My flow is like …I'm straight..
For your face when I come through…
I ant hear the hearts, I'm just aimin for the brains
Tryin to make em smart and take em outta dangers way
I say maintain the day,
I show the shoulders how to maintain the way to sole righteous
The nicest, and do it like its pricesless, iceless
No, I got a couple those watch us in a couple cars,
And I keep a couple flows in a couple bars,
And I keep a couple hoods in a couple stars,
And my bag pocket you can bag watch it,
You better bag stop it like its cricky,
I keep a wicky doogly when I stick it, be like the bat man itchy
You can come through just like don't pinch it out
I'll knock it out the park it be so dark 
By the time I'm done, there'll be no sun
There'll be no one, see the crowd so empty,
I'll still be there rhymin see it don't tip me,
I don't feel guilty either, I feel so filthy when I..,
Flowin like ether Burnin that shit down and turnin them broads around
And showin em there's better ways to get it down

Yeah, yeah, I'm feeling like an ipod look at my god, I got my head down to heaven
See I pray to the east, I try to do it seven times a day
Do my way, may god forgive me for the prayers that I didn't do
And for the fast that I didn't fast
I hope you make my success last longer than the rest of them,
Or if not, keep so intelligent that I stay beyond it and don't care about the success or the change
I don't care nowhere, but I do care about you, don't ever let em doubt you,
Don't ever let em try to put the mouth to the violence, the silence,
That I bring is so deafening to the ears and the eyes
And they can watch if they want to
See us gonna haunt you
The ghosts of the past come through so fast
You lay em down but the they can't 
You try to put it in the trash but it jumps out the garbage
Yet it still returns to be the hardest on the market.