I had to complete Mazinger Z. I had to, I had to
Why did you have to Grandfather?
To wreck all of Dr Hell's evil plans.
Mazinger Z is clad in ultra alloy Z and is operated by photo atomic energy.
It contains mighty weapons of all kinds.
That robot is perfect. There is nothing to correct or adjust.
Koji, Shiro, that robot is all yours.
My only regret is that I cannot stay alive to watch you boys operate that robot.
With Mazinger Z you can either become a God or a Devil.
You'll be known as a super being. Now go!

Sinister times, pacific the rims so I live in the mind
Sit in the head of the shit I design
Position it bent so I sit in recline
But never I sleep
Tears out the eyes is the weather I weep
Give cheddar to beggars to better my keep
Don't turn a back and never a cheek
Won't be here forever, we sever, we cease
A liar who said that we never release
Nooses surroundin' the neck of the beast
Loosing they pounds on the treasure beneath
200 pounds under pressure decrease
Reducing the sound to a set of beliefs
Devil's a trick like they sent the police
Is it or nah's (Nas) like wedded Kelis
So not the same like a Jet and a Jeep
One in the clouds, the other up under him running around
Unlike the one never touching the ground
Some like the one cause it doesn't come down
Unlike the oven that's under the town
Liquor the fire they jump in and drown
Wait till they die it's for something profound
Head is so dreaded for clutching the crown
And keeping it standing when jumping around
Feeding the animals, touching the hounds
Eating with cannibals, lunch in the lounge
Keeping it manual, clutch in announced
Eating the actual, reaping the benefits
Repeat the annual, bleeping the fouls
Something about (something about)
Reaching the valuable, touching the down

[Hook - PJ:]
You came by yourself my darling
But you know we're not alone
Oh get yourself in order
Before they're calling you home
It could be wonderful
So tell me what is it you're waiting for?
No don't you go too far
Cause soon they'll be calling you home
They calling you home

(Either become a God or a Devil)
(Either be-, either become a God or a Devil)
Yeah you know they calling home
(God or a Devil, either be-, either become a God or a Devil)
Yeah you know they calling home

Lovin' the Lord
Covet the lovers of governor or
Dozen in love with the covets or more
In concerts with converts-who-cover galore
Wash off they feet and then cover the floor
Mother the ships so come hover aboard
To raptures and ruptures start flooding the shore
Pushing and shoving and punching with oars
Thuggin' and judging, no plugging the holes
Sink to the bottom like sex in the kitchen, no food in the fridge but it's nut on the stove
It's what on the what?
Like Monica sucking and bust right on her clothes
Dishonouring Monica what is it for?
Monitor Monica, what does she know?
Finding the evidence, answering the questions
Did you and the president fuck on the low?
Room full of elephants, elegant elements, breaking it down she touching her toe
Triple A coming to give her a jump and her engine construction don't function no more
It's killing her options to live in a box when they filling their stockings with lumps of the coal
Finding the diamonds with dynamite, fighting the fire is hiding while wiping the pole
Sliding off slightly to siphon the go
She biting her neck like she vampire-like, ain't no lighten her load
With the tide and a bleach at the laundromat black trying to whiten her clothes
So maybe she can sneak into heaven, hmm yeah