I gave you honesty on my first joint and y'all all came out
I'll show you what change 'bout
Unroll your blunts, pour your champagne's out
Dullers of the pain, so you can plainly see the black man pain I campaign 'bout
God willing 'fore I wane, I take a champion route
Before I throw a bout
I'll walk out the game while my fans chanting my name out, Lupe, Lupe, Lupe...
Uh, and it's going to be PPV, won't be back for free
Gone need scratch to see me, rematch with me
My greatest enemy, is my inner me
So I take this urge and give you revenge of the nerd, Fahrenheit 1 15, uh
Yeah, uh, and you know I fight the feeling
Box so I can shop, sometime it doesn't register
So I return to the ring, like Return of the King
With the habit of a hobbit it makes it hard to drop it
I'm a klepto stealing
And it gets the best
Just when I guess that I left those leanings
I be back on post in a trench coat scheming

So I get back into my stance, revert to my dance
With a shirt full of pants
And my accomplice got a purse full of pants
A pocket full of purses, with no intent to purchase in the plans
And we rehearsed it, till it's perfect, just to dodge the searchers of the man
Just to surface outside, then return of all the merch? (short for merchandise) to stay, in the service of the perfect understand
Um, uh, yeah, and I boost myself
So from the cold car to the caboose I'm felt
From the rear to the engineer
From the L to the Underground Railroad
From the redline to the TGV
A champion fighter for whom the bell tolls, LUP
Little engine from the hood, the hustler in me
Known to hit the track like John Henry
Just give me my glasses
My eight ounce everlastes
And I'm Michael Buffer in tree
(Uh, let's get ready, let me calm down man)
Shoplifter, tag switcher
That's me, nigga I'm back with cha
Revenge, Lupe, uh, championship is here
FNF up is here, 1st and 15 is here
Madison Street we back in here, Chi-Town is here
Lupe Fiasco
Fahrenheit 1 15, Revenge on The Nerds