there’s no monsters in the closet
that’s what mother said
there’s no boogie man or zombies underneath my bed
when there’s scratches on the window
she said its only branches in the breeze
there’s no Freddie Kruger, Blair witch, there’s no chucky doll
there just characters in movies
they’re not real at all
hows it possible my mother never realized
that monsters do exist
these nightmares aren’t nightmares
and I cant reveal
the monster I see every night is very real
when I hear that demon voice
I stop breathing and I freeze
If I’m to stop the germ from spreading
I must kill the disease
oh father in heaven please protect me
Hello kitten don’t be scared its only daddy
I cant live through this again
I just came to tuck you in
but I just want to go to sleep
I pray to god my soul to keep
but don’t you want to give a goodnight kiss to daddy
but don’t you want to give a goodnight kiss to daddy
god give me strength
god take away my fears
if you re really out there
send me a sign
this is the last time
I’ll ever ask you for anything
this is the last time I will pretend that nothing is happening
alone tell me that I’m not alone
tell me my heart can be salvaged
tell me my soul can be saved
my fault tell me this is not my fault
tell me why do I deserve this life
my brushes
some paint
I’ll need my razor blades and a warm jacket
and I’m taking this gun
there’s nothing in this world to justify him
if I am to survive I must deify him
I’m leaving this behind
I’ll go so far away
hell never find me
I know that I’mmaking that the last time