You woke up one day
in a bad way
With a dark heart
in a small cave
And decided to hide
for the long bitter night

Then one day
someone loved you
Let the light in
made the old new
from some water and mud
wrote your new name in blood

Now something about it just doesn’t seem real
sometimes that’s how it feels

You are still a promise
The heartbeat of God
You may have forgotten
But He has not
You are not your ashes
You are a flame
Do not ask the shadows
the light of the world knows
knows your name

There was one day
you were certain
that He called you
’cause you heard Him
And the clouds disappeared
Everything crystal clear

But then one day
It was not so
Other voices
You did not know
From the fray and the fringe
They were all weighing in

And now you can’t remember
Who has your heart
Well here’s a start

You’re a friend of God
Daughter, Son
Blameless and forgiven one
You’re a slave no more
Finally free
Saints and heirs
and you are
Your broken heart
Is safe and sound
in His arms
You are chosen
You are His
So remember this