Mona Lisa, Lisa Moanin’
Got some drinks and some motherfucking refer blowing
I tell her fuck with me and you could be something
Yo girl so bad I want the threesome
Threesome trying to have a threesome
Look at my watch ’bout three somethin’
Threesome trying to have a threesome

I believe in God and rubbers
Even if we sex you are not my lover
Hit you on the couch and not the covers
And if you bring you friend then we got to fuck her
That’s what I’m down for no convo, my condo
And if I answer this phone call don’t make a sound ho
My life is my audacity my dogs to the right of me
I got the girl you can’t lay a finger on right here massaging me
Like yeah... I’m the nigga I know it, I’m the nigga I know it
My Momma say I’m a poet, you hating praying I blow it
But this the life I made though
I show a bad bitch what she made for

I’m eating lobster with my shrimp hand
Feeling on her with my pimp hand
I’m talking to her like her Daddy do
And bet she give me everything but attitude
Mathematical, radical
Twist my fingers up and rep my avenue
Penthouse altitude, being broke is not compatible
Get a fine girl, Patron that
Get a finer one, and then clone that
You cuff your wife like I want that
When I got freaky women tongue kissing
Marijuana lung lifting
Give long dick then I’m long distance
You in the club bromancing
I got her homancing
Face in my lap nose dancing
No pants screaming