[Verse 1]
Yo, this is where I go to school
It’s kinda crazy ain’t it?
The first time I saw this studio I almost fainted
I couldn’t contemplate, how I had even made it
From my Late Registration now I’m facing Graduation
And I ain’t stressin’ this recession, if it leads to a depression
It won’t be in my mind, I’ll be fine as long as I’m
Surviving off of beats, and rhymin’
Then I don’t mind surviving off of eating no Ramen
Cause where I’m standing, right now,
this is the best time to be grinding
Cause ain’t nobody signing, so ain’t nobody shining
No more dreams of going diamond and spitting that fly talk
Dudes acting like they street when they barely sidewalk
My best friend said that music comes
from someone in transition
So I’m shifting through pessimism to something uplifting
So if you love something that is art of rhyme, with the skill
Then you gon’ recognize when you see this is really real
See my peoples always mention that the industry is missing
Something, hunting for us coming with a mission
Not to mention an inch of skill
And if that’s how you feel
My name is Nyle and this is how you let the beat build
Uh! That’s how you let the beat build
That’s how you let the beat build, right ladies?
That’s how let the beat build, uh!, ow!, yeah, uh
[Verse 2]
Yo, let the beat build from the cornerstone
Or call me stud when I’m of the dome
Get screwed like a wall when you nail these poems
You’re on top but you never flow
On top like a steeple, take it back like the repo
We know fly like an eagle from here to Heathrow
You know ain’t no equal when it comes to my ego
I want a piece of the pie
But there’s a whole line ahead of me
People so hungry, pride’s eaten their integrity
And their ambitions twisted up in their creative vision
And though I crave y’all to listen, I ain’t starved for attention
Ain’t no honorable mentions, making winning look easy
With these locks I’m looking like the light skin Weezy
Muthafucka I’m ill, call me unagi
Wild out like Amy Winehouse and paparazzi
And blow, like cocaine? No, blow like propane
Once I got the whole game you will all know my name
Wait, hold up
I roll with dames that put hair on your chest
like body wash Rogaine
And I don’t need no sample
Got a girl with a banjo
From the first bar you could see that I’m a star
I make y’all wish hard like Return of Jafar
And show you all what it feels like to be in awe
That’s how we let the beat build
That’s how you let the beat build x3
That’s how you let the beat - ooh!
That’s how you let the beat build x2
That’s how you - yeah! yeah!
That’s how you let the beat build x4
Uh! That’s how you let the beat build