I’m about to drop a quick 16, y’knahmean?
Ounce after ounce, ’til the pound is bounced
And I’m a work that block and pound it out
And though my ears ring out with resounding doubt
I was down and out and now I’m ’bout it, ’bout
’Bout to shout it out, I got that - copped that
And if the cops cop then I’m a cop a plea
And if the plea don’t see me free then I’ll plead
On my hands and knees and beg God please to stop that!
You see these pigs turn wolves to rats, and while these dogs chase cats
These cats forget where they gangsta’s at
See I was gon’ drop a quick 16 on ’em
And and though I was wishin to do a little snitchin
My 16 wasn’t convincin plus the D.A. had a bad day with a mind for convictin
I only wanted to sell a bit and celebrate
But I’m celibate behind bars and gates
Try to monkey around in the yard with weights
But them gorillas heard I turned state’s
I better drop a quick 16 on ’em
But but my verses was worthless
Nouns, verses, verbs is nervous
Mean, I’m talkin things, persons and places
To Action Jacksons with scar faces
Who spit straight razors and turn boxsprings into erasers
They fixin to drop 16 on me
And before they let go, I tried to scream for the C.O.
But the C.O., he ain’t see so~!
Well, I think you know how the rest go
And that’s my 16 [applause]