So, when you hear me speak, and the things I say
I’m speakin to my people!
I’m holdin THEM accountable
Cause them the ones that have to fix they situation
I’m not gon’ speak to no record label~!
Everybody keep comin at me on the message boards sayin
"Oh, well, y’know, the real villain is the is the is the
Corporations that that use these kids to make... "
No they’re not the real villains
Because there has to be some accountability
You have to have some self-acc...
You have to say to yourself
"What am I gonna do that’s right for me man? "
"What do I take... when when... "
"When am I gon’ take ownership for what I do, to me and my people? "
"When do I do that? "
And when you do that, when a black man do that, when a black woman do that
Our change will be so SUDDEN
That you would your head would snap
The day we take our PERSONAL accountability and hold each other accountable
White man come into the projects, and kill a black baby
Oh we’d be out in the streets in vogues! All the thousands of us
I can see ’em now, you dig?
But let this dude that’s out in front of your building
Killin hundreds of y’all with his drugs, and his guns, and his filth
And y’all ain’t got nothin to say to that dude
Y’all waitin for him to come home from jail so y’all can give him a party
Sleep with him, roll up and smoke weed with him, you dig
That’s what y’all wanna do