High velocity, past mediocrity
Transcend hypocrisy, Egyptian mystery systems, the glow of Socrates
You can steal my Book of the Dead and my philosophies
You can steal the book of true ways and try an’ copy me
Pray in your pantheon, I’m in my pyramid
How did I do it kid?
Hey there Napolean, little Bonaparte
You got a short man complex and no heart
Shout at my Sphinx around 21 times
Cause he didn’t like the fact he had a face like mine
But hey~! Mr. Slave Trader, pick this up in your boats
Many of us died, some survived because "Hope Floats"

Don’t get it twisted, just because I’m doin it different
Don’t mean that you can’t get lifted
Oh no~! Had a shot but you missed it
You ain’t know, the bro’s so gifted

When we was segregated, we got situated
We build wealth, all the sudden let’s get integrated
Rosa Parks wasn’t tryin to play the back seat
Civil rights, water hoses blows us off of our feet
Assassinated Martin, they murdered Malcolm X
Black leaders lose they backbone, they scared they next
Killed off the Panthers and they left a huge void
Filled it up with coke and crack and left your son employed
Now we’re, Blood’n and Crip’n, set trippin
But if you listenin to Bronx, they discovered a different mission
Zulu beads, MC’s and DJ’s
B-Boys, murals painted on three trains

[Chorus x2]

Grandmaster Caz, Grandmaster Flash, Busy Bee
Fearless Four, Treacherous Three, Force M.D.’s
Rock my Adidas like Run-D.M.C.
And the corporations realized they can market to we
Now we up to X-Clan, KRS and BDP
Criminal Minded, I’m reminded of P.E.
Those +Intelligent Hoodlums+, they tryin to see college
Them MC’s had ’em motivated, kickin that knowledge
Just when it seemed like we was doin a-aight
Now we N.W.A., we Niggaz4Life
Thug lives is lost, Bad Boys is punished
Everybody wanna be ’Pac but they not 100
Rats and snitches, self-haters and hood-traitors
Keep fillin up prisons, free labor they makin paper
Maybe you get it later - later it’s TOO LATE~!
Let’s dedicate this to a people that was once great

[Chorus x2]

I’m so gifted, I’m so gifted!
You ain’t know? The bro’s so gifted
You ain’t know?... Nyoil, yeah