Yo what’s good man this is N-Y-Oil man
It’s the little thing before the thing
Yo I just wan’ say man, I need y’all brothers to go out there
And put y’all hand in your pocket and support this project man
It’s why hip-hop is dying
It’s not dying because the music is whack
It’s dying because brothers ain’t supporting
Artists that’s makin real good music man
If you appreciate good music man put your bread up man
Show your support kid~! Y’knahmean?
Ten dollars ain’t a lot to spend on a good song pah y’knahmean?
Real talk, ya hear?

Don’t rip me off, I’m supposed to be a brother
Don’t turn me down flat, can’t you see that we need one another
We gotta help one another, so don’t rip me off
I’m SUPPOSED to be a brother~!

[Nyoil: talking over singing]
Huh? Feel what I’m sayin?
Need y’all baby
Gotta help each other ya hear?

Straight talk y’all
Ay ay ay did we, did we clear this sample y’all? [echoes]