Yeah, this is N-Y Oil
I’m a tell you somethin, this right here goes out to all them cats
Like to run up on a brother talkin ’bout, "What up my nigga! "
Yeah? ! Aight man
We gon’ straighten that out right now, y’knahmean?
We gon’ see who the nigga really is okay?

What up my wigga wigger? What up my wetback?
What up my camel jockey? Give your boy some dap
What up Jew, what up Christ-killer, what up wop?
What up gook, what up spic? Let’s get it poppin pop
My towelheads, my ricepickers, it all fits
My taco vendors and all of my German oven mitts
What up cracker? I ain’t here to offend ya
It’s your nigga my nigga what’s the problem don’t you remember?

With no remorse, here’s the force with the forceful cause
Cause I’m appalled at the cause that this world forestalls
Beware if ye enter, my temper is tempted to beat the offender
Who attempted to be down until his face was tendered, now check it
You’re awfully brave cause I ain’t hardly a slave
I ain’t your nigga my wigga watch your mouth, you better behave, what?
Your style is staged, you’re an actor about to get played
You want to be "Made? " This ain’t MTV, you about to be SLAIN~!
You tried to get in and fit in, you stayed pursuin it
We let you in then you ruined it, overdoin it
Take your nigga act back, you’re conveniently black
Better that, be who you is, otherwise you whack, what?

Yeah, this goes out to all my trailerpark niggaz
What’s crackin my cracker?
Aiyyo a big wet five to all my Puerto Rican niggaz
What’chu thought ay baby!
A big dose of coke to all my Arab niggaz
And a big kung-fu to all my Asian niggaz
We holdin you down right, let’s go!


C’mon, my unlimited time-limited rhyme limitless
Defined gimmicks designed image define limited stress
Rep for your set, front for respect, accept nothin less
Cause you get tested and disrespected to death, dig it
Be yourself only or find yourself lonely, we only
Rock for real dudes, we ain’t fuckin with no phonies homey
Let in the Arab, Middle-Eastern, Nor-Asian, Malaysian
Euros and Nordic peoples, especially Caucausians
Pull your pants up and fix your cap
Take that doo-rag off, you look soft, you ain’t build for that, what?
Robin Hood we know you robbin the hood
Of the flavor to ’press your neighbor, no it’s not all good but dig
Hip-Hoppers is unified through the U-N-I
So if you and I recognize through the truth and lies
Things get different, but in a quick instant
Shit, you can get lynched too homey, don’t get it twisted!

Yo, be my brother or don’t be nuttin at all
Yo y’all fakers fall, straight like that, let’s go!