she calls from the city and she talks to me
she says that she’s lonely and would like to be
under the stars with me as they fall right out of the sky
and we’d have each other we could hang on to, hang on to
baby, nothing’s that easy I think you know it’s true
you should have known there was something we were bound tolose
I though it was over ’till you called right out of the blue
now all that I’m wanting is to hang on too, hang on too

baby, what we need is just a little bit of time for us
maybe all we thought we lost will come back to us

people gonna get lonely I think you found it out
even up in the city I think you know it now
so baby come back to me ’cause I don’t know what I can do
but surely there’s something
there’s got to be something
’cause you are the one thing
I can hang on to, hang on to
that I can hang on to, hang on to
yes I can hang on to, hang on to