Trey Day [x9]
Yea Bun B baby UGK baby hold up
See you done had yo moment
You done had yo turn
Now move around clown fo this sound dat got the streets on burn
The realest playa out the V.A. since the authas and lord willin givin R&B music a newly restored feelin
While haters is bored chillin he focused and mashn
He bringin big faces and dem checks he be cashin
He got (wat) some places to go and some people to see
But he gon (wat) rep up fo Virgina baby keepin it G in the streets and T.V.
Don't matta he gon keep it 100 cus can't nobody do like yung Trey don done it
So don't tell me dat it's dos or clam dat it's uno
Why hate em, why not congratulate him (congratulate him) cus nigga you know dis is Trey Day [x12]