Baby understand me now
(You get me now, but you know...)
If sometimes you see that I'm mad
(Sometimes I flip out)
Don't you know no one alive can always be an angel?
When everything goes wrong, you see some bad
(But, you don't know my story)
But I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
(and I don't know yours. So just...)
Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood

Skinny dude, with braids straight back
Straight out of Virginia in a black du rag
Accord got to whippin up that Highway
Fuck college, I'm tryna do it my way
Long nights, long days, hard work, no pay
Studyin my crafts
Stepdad actin gay (Bitch)
Punk nigga, dumb nigga, bet he mad now (Bitch)
See me on TV, when he sit his ass down
Folks took interest, offered me some paper
Now, you know these labels tryna rape ya
Lord's on my side so the paperwork's ride
19 years-old and a nigga got signed (Aye Ma, they wanna sign me)
50k on the advance, now I feel like I'm the man
I'll never drive this mothafuckin Honda shit again (Fuck that Honda)
New people at the label getting hired, bosses getting fired, two more years till anybody kne0w who I was

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
(Why ain't ya shit dropped yet?
I mean, I know you gotta deal, what's up?)
Oh, Lord, please don't let me be misunderstood
(You gotta know my struggle.
It don't all fit in the song either shawty)
(Man, nigga, you ain't neva comin out (Chuckles))

I gotta make it, I never be complicit
Even though these label niggas got me on some wait shit
Shout my nigga Radio, we gon' mixtape it
Did bout a 100 songs in this nigga, Troy basement
Really tho, on to the video
Shot it in my hood, kept it hood, niggas know
I'm goin hella far, I wanna take my niggas tho
And Butta says it's koo, but it's 30 niggas, yo
OK, we too deep
Grab 2 Seat and Finch and Baby
Redd said ? 
Koo, we gon' do what we do
I got my own tour, HBCU
Well, who gon' open up?
Some CB dude
I think the nigga koo
He from Virginia too
We formed a lil friendship, something like some kin shit
This my lil dude
We watched each otha show and glow up
Label bullshittin, so, I watched my nigga blow up
Oh, fuck!
You know what? My times comin tho, I ain't neva gon give up, through adversity baby,
I shine like a mothafuckin star. Believe that

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
O lord please don't let me be misunderstood

I'm a skip some and come back lata
Label ain't shit, so 2 years lata
New album, whole long process
They wanna gimme they songs, so fuck my shit
But, hol' up, ain't this my shit?
Barkin at the meetings
Cussin at these people
Long story, short, I ain't fuckin with these people
Gotta find compromise, if you wanna sequel
Money getting low, gotta take care of my people
Excuse me, if I believe in creativity
That bullshit music, I can not do it
It's useless, I'm tryna broaden my horizon
I play 'em "Wonder Woman" at the office
I'm surprised
We discuss it, they love it, they think the world of it
Wanna push it, let's do it, I'm tryna get to it
Record movin slow, but I tried to put 'em on
I needa do some shows, they needa see me perform
After all that, on the song they pick, they gon' fall back, like Songz ain't shit
No money for the tour, opening act for Ne-Yo
Couple years before, he opened up for me tho
It's all G tho, I spend my own C Notes
Musically, could be dead, but I'm, livin cause I'm me tho
Of course the Big GO
D, won't be no
Me without 'em, never poutin, little faith could move a mountain
So, watchu do about it?
Song in the pocket, produced by SongGate
Written by Johnta,
"Can't Help But Wait"
Finally, Trey done got his big break
Wait, it's not over
Since then, I paid for 2 more tours, a video, I'm so official, yo
I get it on my own, ain't nobody gotta let me
That's why I say I'm READY

I'm just a soul whose intentions are good
(I'm just a soul)
O lord please don't let me be misunderstood
(Ya know... don't let me be misunderstood)

I done jumped off stages and fucked niggas up
I done got into altercations with police
That don't make me no different from the next man
Just cause a nigga on TV don't mean he don't go through shit G
I'm tryna do me
And If you like, screw me
But, you ain't neva knew me
You don't mean shit to me... Truly
And It's more to it, but I can't even get all into it
It's one song, 5 minutes and some change long
You know what I'm sayin?