Chicka Awn, Songz!

We was so official
See the tears to my tissue?
On my shoulder was the tissue full of tears ? 
I told her my fears,
She told me her fears
She said, she'd do whatever so we'd make through the year
So, why's the moment here when we not together?
Thought we s'pose to be forever
Sick to my stomach
Wanna vomit and I'm bummin
I ain't gotta hair cut in bouta month and I be frontin
When you callin in the mornin, like you want it
But, you don't
You just be frontin
Why you frontin?
I'm abusin my substance
Doin a lotta puffin
Doin a lotta cussin
Talkin to myself like, "Trigga, what happened? "
Yellin one minute, next minute I'm laughin!
Next minute, I'm cryin, next minute, I'm dyin
Pass me the aspirin
Start to buck it all back then
Look at the sky like, "Lord,"
(What you askin?)
"Why'd you take her 'way from me?
Why'd she had to go?
Father, this is sudden, I only wanna know"
Was 'posed to plant my seed in her
We was 'posed to grow
Is it what she said, or anotha nigga, tho?
Ain't nobody, can't nobody else be with my baby
See her with anotha man, I'll probably go crazy
Shit, I'm crazy
I'd kill him if I seen him
How I'm feelin
I ain't playin
I am playin
Gettin my Kayne in
Baby, this is Trey and everyday they in a weigh-in
They be sayin,
Ion't be slayin these beats so maliciously
Tell me why you dissin me
I try to leave the mic alone
She called and said she misses me
I came back
Now, ain't that sweet of me to be, givin her what she need?
All day it's VA, to The Bay, the NY, To LA
I been fly
I been past guys in the rearview
Aye, lookie here you
Ion't care what my peers do
It's al lotta yous like seal food
So many fish in the sea
Only one me
Only one Songz
Ain't no one song, I won't jump on, and get my thump on
Beat the track up like it jumped on my momma and that's on my momma
And, ain't to rhymer,
Ain't no singer,
Ain't no human,
Ain't no creature,
That can fill my sneakers
I sound so good through the twitters
I smell so hood from the reefer
Yet, I'm tryna change my imagery
But, I'm still real, I ain't never been gimmicky
Said, I'm great now
But, imagine what I'm finna be
I'm filled with flattery every time they mimic me
I'm at the top of my game
And ain't nobody poppin my chain
Ion't even where one but, the Goons gon' bang if you reach for any mothafuckin thing
It's Tremaine

Kayne gon' sang
So, I'm a gon' rap a lil bit
Ya know?
Ion't give a fuck how you feel about it eitha
Bet that
Ya know, I was 23 a couple days ago?
MJing it
I guess now I'm a get my Kobe on
Too forward
Still I'm in the zone, don't get that confused
I see you seeing me
I was in Petersburg for a couple days, gave away a couple turkeys
Went to DC, shut that down Friday night,
Saturday went to Baltimore and shut that down
Sunday I'm in the A, Red Velvet Room
Now, I'm in the Crib, getting back at it
What it do?