Okay let me explain like a day or what ever for me on a different day I might be you know I might do a show
I might have 2 go out of town I might have 2 hop on a plane might have 2 hop on another plane
I have 2 come back 2 Atlanta cause I'm recording everything I do in Atlanta uh be 2 music studio
Songbook what's happening so I get 2 tha crib and I'm on that workout shit right now 2 excuse my language
I'm gone benfit and uh like I'm real deacated 2 make sure that this thing go the way I want it 2 go
You know I won't stop until where I'm where see myself inside my mind and I always tell people out there when they say
What's yo advice What's yo advice just grind baby like in anything in this world that u do there gone be people that
Dislike you there gone people with opinion that don't think you are what you think you are
Or think what you be what you gonna be but if you grind prosefecty give good qulity work
At what you do you can't be denied now a lot of people give up after awhile lot of people like a lot of people
Said I'm underrated like I feel that lot of people get angry about it more than me askloly and uh I'm blessed man
I'm not gone complain or whine about anything god having given me a lot of people feel like I'm not in the right place I should be
Cause I came out with a sertanent catapole people feelin like I'm better than them they feel like I put a lot of more work in
And I'm just underrated and people sleep on me and it might be true but I want people out there 2 understand that what the lord give me is 4
Me and however he decide 2 give it me he give it 2 me but I'm blessed that any setuation like I want you 2 apply that 2 yo life
Cause don't judge what you have off what the next man have that's not how the world works
So I'm good baby mixtape it's going down ladies choice trey songz dj