Aw girl-I know you ain't never met G's like us before 
Never smoked trees like that before-tonight 
Aw girl-we ain't gotta wait here to long 
Chevy out front, 22's on 
Any drink you done had I got that at home-so 

Said you wanted me to beat it up 
Shit, Imma beat it up 
Baby girl what the deal, we gone get way heated up 
My key in your ignition - pop the clutch and get to stickin' 
(Hold on, baby before you speed it up go slow) 

Go slow 
(She aid the, slower you go, the slower the flow, the slower you go, it's more sex to go) 
(The slower you go, the slower the flow) 
You got more sex to go 

Girl-my imaginations crazy, and your such a beautiful lady 
I can see me inside you now 
Oh girl-so slow (girl) 
I role (girl) 
But when I proceed to speed the tempo (girl)
Brace yourself Imma keep your feet up 
Said you wanted me to beat it up 



Would you mind if I rap this 
I'm quite good at this 
Not the rappin, baby the ass tappin 
Plus the fact is that I will love smashin 
Damn baby excuse the verb fashion 
See what I mean is you was the word smashin 
And what I dream, is you and me had passion 
Ya fascinated with mad sweat sex 
I ain't doin my job if you ain't wet yet 
She said I'm wet as I can get 
And she ain't trippin on my fashion in verb 
Said she tends to like a lil more action than words 
Said she wanted me to beat it up, skeet it up, right after the show, but I gotta go slow