He so magnificent hoe niggas dissin him
Hoe nigga mad cause his hoe start whisperin
Ooh shit look at him new shit glistenin wish I
Was oh girl wishin I could get with him homie
Stop cuffin her gotta let her go only for tonight
If it's love she'll come home but...

Aye girl... ya man is in the way girl
You need to get away girl find a place where we can go get low don't you tell me no cause I'm right girl
Let me excite ya life girl yes I'm tryna get ya lovin I never said that I was being ya husband (girl)

[Verse 3:]
I guess I came in and thru off his whole swag look at himself looking at me like dagg how can I be why can't I be like that april ain't ya mama and claude ain't ya dad you ain't been pimpin them since you was a lad he's in linen and he don't smoke swag your in denim and it looks real bad so give up the girl and I'll give her right back

You want it baby I'll show you a thing or too I'm on it baby I would preform for you this vibe is crazy I know what I wanna do get low don't you tell me no (oh girl) you just lose ya fool girl I'm tryna get ya lovin I never said that I wasn't being ya husband girl

[Verse 4:]
Back again like a nigga left something still up in the spot know I'm still stuntin look over the way and this niggas still frontin look over to trey and a nigga feel nothin look over to babe and she wanna say something look on her face she wanna lay something send my girl over there bring that girl over here me, her and my girl hello my name the shit.