Yo your trey songz baby in here with my boy dj finesse I wanna let ya'll know what been going with my situation
Uh got the 804 boyz poppin off uh rockin with my home boy Drake right now came outa Canada real fresh with the lyrics
Uh outside of that mayne been doing a lot of international stuff got a video out in Japan got a video out in Mexico video out in Canada
A course video out in Germany and uh Wonder Woman is out now so you can check that out vote that on 106 & Park already and all that
Uh what else been going on with trey songz baby I been recording this album trey day I'm so exited about it and uh I can't even began to
Explain how crazy it's gone be like if you a trey songz fan and you know how deadicted to this thing how much I record off the love hold up my
Phone going off hello yeah aye finesse go ahead drop something while I get off in this conversation hold up what say bruh yeah go ahead play
Something bruh it's going down