Boy you know you make me float
Boy you really get me high
I feel like I’m on dope
’cause you, you serve me on a regular
Boy we need to tie this rope
Before we drift any deeper
Pull the knot on me close
Let’s take this overboard now

1 - I want you to rock the boat
Baby rock the boat, rock the boat, rock the boat
Work it in the middle
Work the middle, work the middle, work the middle
Change positions
Do positions, do positions, do positions
Now stroke it baby
Stroke the middle, stroke the middle, stroke the middle
Stroke it for me, stroke it for me

Oooh, baby I love your stroke
’cause you, ’cause you get me to where I’m goin’
And trouble leaked in my boat
’cause I believe
I believe you know just what you’re doin’ now
Baby now we can coast
Let’s don’t get in a hurry, ohhhhh, ooh
That’s too slow
Hey, yeah, yeah, yeah
Go ahead and put that thang in overdrive

Repeat 1

I want you to use yourself
Like you never ever used it before
To explore my body
Until you reach the shore
I’ll be callin’, callin’ for more

Repeat 1 until fade